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The Home of the Free Fleet

Bringing Darkness to the Star Atlas metaverse

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About Us

We, Dark Matter are an inclusive group of free thinkers who are working to develop an equitable society, where every member matters. We are operating in the Ustur region as a free fleet of explorers, pirates and technologists, seeking high risk rewards and in search of constant self-improvement. In our fight for knowledge and freedom, the Free Fleet has made a clear statement to the world :

No one will ever tell us what to do!

We don’t obey governments or rich corporations.


Dark Matter is a competitive guild that eventually aims at becoming HRZ experts. In order to get there, we will focus on our 3 main activities : Piracy, Exploration and Research.



The exploration branch will be the first source of profit for the guild. As mentioned in the Star Atlas economic paper, “Rewards from piloting activities are the main inputs into the game economy, which flow into the markets that support piloting through the production game”. The guild will take extreme care in developing a balanced ship fleet that will allow us to control the risk of deep space missions and generate a high profit on each mission.



Having a pirate activity is a way to take the full potential of the game and expand our economy where the most value is. And whenever we determine there’s value in attacking other players, we won’t hesitate to do so. But our philosophy isn’t a “free for all”, we will be focused on balancing the resources in our regions and will attack in priority any guild/corporation we believe have unethical conducts of any sorts, and in particular when it comes to profiting unfairly from the poorer and weaker players. On the contrary, we’ll offer an opportunity to anyone to get the wealth from others. Our concept of piracy can also go beyond the simple PVP approach and be included in a broader political strategy.



Both exploration and piracy have an important common ground: the HRZ will be a major source of revenue, and only the best-equipped ships will be able to survive in this harsh environment. In order to stay on the top of our domain, we will be developing our own research and production of exploration and pvp specific modules, that will mostly be used for our internal use.

Latest Updates

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The Pirate Council

This is an updated list of the current people who are sitting at the Pirate Council. They are the current higher grade leaders of the guild.

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