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As Ustur tried to find their way to acceptance as an intelligent and free race of their own, and no more as an AI, initially designed by biological beings to serve them, some of the bravest and most innovative Ustur found their way out of servitude, and dedicated their existence in creating a better world, where Ustur could be truly free people, only listening to their hearts. 

Almost a century later, this very first group of Ustur is very well known and remembered as true heroes. A variety of Ustur groups decided to rally under the same name: the Dark Matter guild. We symbolise the technological mystery of the very existence of the universe and the meaning of life. Some Ustur believe that dark matter is a spiritual being and only a true free spirit can find and understand it.

In our fight for knowledge and freedom, our Free Fleet has made a clear statement to the world: no one will ever tell us what to do. We don’t obey governments or rich corporations. We offer a chance to all free-spirited Ustur to be part of a new Era, fight the rich and powerful for a right cause to protect the poor and the weak.

Our Free Fleet operates under simple rules of respect, equity, solidarity and freedom. The free people are never left alone when they need it. In the Dark Matter guild, everybody has their chance to make a difference.


An immersive experience

The guild will have its own dark-themed roleplaying experience in the metaverse. Don't limit yourself and be who you truly want to be. The possibilities are endless!


A great experience comes with great stories. We will create our own storylines that are coherent with the Star Atlas metaverse, in order to create an even deeper immersion in the Dark corners of the metaverse.

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